Children of the Holocaust: Poetry Projects

Observe the images below and choose one to write a poem about (modeled after either “Holocaust” by Barbara Sonek or “The Little Boy with His Hands Up” by Yala Korwin), describing what you imagine to be true about the child(ren) in the picture. Imagine who this child was, what he or she was feeling, thinking, wondering, worrying about, dreaming about, and try to think of what message you want to give to your reader about this child’s experience.

1st! Look at your picture. How old do you think the child is? What do you think he/she is thinking or feeling in this moment? What do you see in his/her eyes, their body language, their facial expressions? What’s going on in the picture, from what you can see? Explore these details before you start.

2nd! Think about your approach. Perhaps your poem will be a list of questions you’d ask him/her given the chance. Perhaps your poem compares pieces of your life to theirs. Perhaps your poem is a conversation between the two of you. Be creative!

3rd! The rules: Your poem must be typed and at least 12 lines long. You can be creative with the font, but make sure it’s black and easy to read. It must have a title. It does not have to rhyme, but it can! The final document must be PRINTED OUT. You should have the image you used somewhere on the sheet, large enough to see clearly.

children 4.jpg

POLISH.jpg p08.jpg01.jpg89772.jpgimages.jpgPierre-Jacques-Rojtman.jpgstarving_children_in_warsaw_ghetto.jpgevasteiner-707.jpgdavidgorfunkel-338 2.jpgjewish girl Holocaust survivor.jpgchildren_diaries3b.jpgreginaatabe-88.jpg



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